If you’re looking for an organized, competitive, after-work basketball league, then Golden City Sports is for you.

Here’s the thing, we think basketball leagues should be run by people who play basketball. Because people who play basketball know the feeling when you show up to a game where the other team forfeited without notice. They also know that you've organized all of your evening plans around the game for that night. And perhaps most importantly, they know what it takes to play hard and win in a good-ass game of basketball;  because there's really no better feeling than knowing you got a good workout in, on the court with your friends.

Adult Coed Basketball League

Fall 2017  |  Registration is Closed

When: Monday nights from starting in August
Where: Gateway High School (map)
Game Times: 7:40pm, 8:40pm and 9:40pm

Our Mission

First and foremost, our mission is to create quality and competitive game play for our community who just want to have fun, playing the game we all know to love, basketball.

Golden City Sports is also dedicated to making the league better with each new season. This means we will be looking for feedback from you to help us improve the league for everyone involved -- from players to referees to scorekeepers. In our longer term goals, we aim to leverage technology in order to improve the overall quality of league play, from game management to data collection to growing the community. If Golden City Sports sounds like your kind of league then join us.

Golden City Sports in Action

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